Dobie Haven which began in May, 1999, is a breed-specific rescue organization for Doberman Pinschers. Dobie Haven became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in February, 2002. We receive no state, federal or city funding. Our only funding is by donations or grants.

Dobie Haven came into existence with a pair of newborn sisters, rescued from a mother that had a severe bacterial infection. The two little females were name Cinnamon and Spicey. Cinnamon is a black and tan and Spicey is a fawn. They grew to be big girls and Spicey now resides in a wonderful home in San Antonio, Texas while Cinnamon is still at the rescue because she is a special needs girl.

Our Director, Alyce Franke, while holding office as President of the Lost Pet Hotline, saw a need for a dedicated Doberman rescue in Corpus Christi. So many Dobies were being abandoned or abused and they were all ending up at Animal Control where their futures were all but sealed. So, her dream came to fruition and kennels began going up. They are large, 16'x8' in size, shaded by big trees, with no more than two dogs per kennel.

OUR MISSION is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving and safe homes for adoption.

OUR PASSION is to rescue stray and abandoned Dobermans from unconscionable circumstances, while providing them with a safe and loving environment until a permanent home is found.

Rehabilitation consists of temperament evaluation, medical evaluation (treatment as necessary) updated vaccinations, heartworm testing (treatment if necessary), socializing and spaying or neutering.

Our Dobermans are not advertised in newspapers for adoption. Potential parents come from personal referrals, referrals from other rescuers, various animal welfare organizations and Doberman rescuers from around the state.

Some of our Dobermans may be all natural with long tails and ears. If you are truly a lover of the breed, you know that cosmetic surgery on the ears or tail has nothing to do with the temperament or loyalty of the breed.

We are registered with COPE and abide by their Code of Ethics. We are also a member of Doberman Pinscher Club of America.

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